France Warns of Red Line while Iran Stands Ground on Nuclear Inspections


Iran would not cooperate with the atomic inspectors until any final decision has been made regarding the nuclear deal. Iran had signaled to expand its enrichment by preparing plans to build advances centrifuges- the machines which help in enriching uranium.

The European powers are trying their level best to save the agreement which they had signed in 2015 after US President Donald Trump scrapped the deal. Trump had claimed that he would re-impose the US sanctions on Iran. The finance ministers and foreign ministers from Germany, Britain and France had written to the US officials requesting them to stress their commitment to upholding the pact. They had also tried to urge US to spare the EU firms which are active in in Iran from the secondary actions.

The ministers had written that if Iran withdrew from the deal, the sanctions would be lifted and Iran would be able to continue its nuclear program. The minsters felt that such a situation would unsettle the region and any kind of additional conflict would be dangerous. Ever since the US has pulled out of the deal, the Authorities in Tehran have given out mixed signals regarding their faith on the remaining signatories of the deal. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated that he had ordered to start the preparations of increasing uranium enrichment capacity in case the agreement collapsed.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN watchdog had been informed by the country that policies restrictions placed on the activities of Iran under the deal. The IAEA had been informed that Iran plans to produce free stock of centrifuge. French Foreign Minister Yves Le Drian stated that when the initiative was within the boundary of a nuclear deal, it was unwelcome and carried the risks of moving too close to the red line.

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