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Friendship of Germany and the United States is “shattered”


The other day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was supposed to arrive in Berlin for a meeting with Angela Merkel and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. He canceled the meeting in a few hours.

The German newspaper SuddeutscheZeitung wrote an angry article about this. Journalist Daniel Bressler called Pompeo’s such behavior “shamelessness.”

According to him, after the arrival of Donald Trump, the German-American relations have changed a lot.

What was called friendship two years ago is now “shattered.”

“It is still unclear what could be more important for the US Secretary of State than a short visit to Berlin,” said Bressler.

The statement, of course, is presumptuous, but given that Germany is a rather important strategic partner of the United States, the resentment of the German side can be understood. And Pompeo didn’t cancel the visit because of health problems or anything that could really hinder the meeting. He just decided to go to Iraq.

The state secretary said that he needed to go there because of the “escalation of Iran’s actions”. It can be assumed that the United States was embarrassed by letters about the suspension of the fulfillment of a part of obligations from Iranian President Rouhani.

He sent them to the allies on a nuclear deal, from which Donald Trump decided to withdraw, offended by Germany’s support for Nord Stream 2. That is, the States have not received a letter, but the Americans are accustomed to climb into their own business.

According to Bressler, Trump’s policy is predictable. He will always choose the rough way, even in relations with allies.

Therefore, in his opinion, the States for Germany have ceased to be allies and a guarantor state on which to rely:

“In many cases, the US is no longer allies, but enemies, against whom alliances need to be formed.”

Earlier, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas spoke about relations with the United States. He criticized the US foreign trade policy, noting that the war between the Americans and the Chinese would hit Germany.

The politician also called unacceptable the aspirations of the American side to influence the energy market, using sanctions against Russia.

Do not forget about the constant criticism of Germany Trump about NATO. The American president shamed Angela Merkel for the fact that her country, like many other EU states, did not fulfill its obligations to finance the alliance.

It can be assumed that the conflict between countries has matured long ago. Now it is becoming sharper, and the fault of the American side.


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