Fuel Tax U-Turn Fails to Subdue Gilets Jaunes from Protesting in Paris


According to recent reports, the Gilets Jaunes confirmed that they will no longer stand and accept the government’s crumbs; in fact, they will be continuing their protests more profoundly in the days to come.

Now, the Gilets Jaunes movement began early in November when the French government raised taxes on diesel and petroleum. The ones belonging in the movement are characterized by wearing fluorescent yellow jackets to protest against the French government in unison.

These yellow coats have been wreaking havoc in the streets of France for the past few weeks. The initial movement began as a few petitions and write-ups on social media.

But, presently the movement turned into a full-fledged violent protest as the yellow coats mob became increasingly violent. The attacked the police force, looted stores, burned cars and blocked school children from passing as they demanded the government gives them more concessions.

While initially, the government was indifferent to the actions of the mob, the recent onset of violence compelled the government to bend to the will of the Gilets Jaunes.

The French Prime Minister named Édouard Philippe met his cabinet ministers to look for solutions to satiate the mass’s demands. Actions taken include the stalling of fuel taxes for 6 months to come.

However, the government demanded as consequence the yellow coats will stop the reckless violence of looting and terrorizing. But, this plea was all in vain. The real issue at hand is the people’s resentment of the elite parliament and the government of Emmanuel Macron.

As per the mob’s demand, they will not stop their acts of violence unless their conditions are met. The conditions include redistribution of wealth, better paychecks and salary hikes, more options for social security and better pensions.

That’s not all; the mass even wants the French Parliament to resign. So, the government finds a smarter solution to the problem, they are indeed in deep waters.

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