Georgia protests against a lawmaker from the Russian Federation


Mass protests began in Tbilisi after Russian lawmaker Sergei Gavrilov was invited to chair a meeting of the Georgian parliament. Reports the Georgian edition about it.

Oppositionists from the United National Movement and pro-European Georgians gave Russian deputies half an hour to leave the parliament building.

“They desecrated our parliament,” pro-European deputy GeorgyKandelaki said in a comment.

Deputies removed from the government building. The leader of the ruling party, Bidzin Ivanishvili, published a statement in which he called the incident “a protocol error.”

The protest rally in Tbilisi, which became a response to the State Duma deputy’s arrival in Georgia, turned into unrest and anti-government speeches last night. Both the demonstrators and the police were injured.

 About 10,000 people participate in the protest.


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