Giuseppe Conte Invited to Become Italy’s Prime Minister by Italian President


Italian President Sergio Mattarella had invited Giuseppe Conte, who is a novice in politics to become the Prime Minister of the country. This is the first government of the country which comprises anti-establishment parties determined to shake up the European Union. Conte is a law-professor from Florence who would require some time to figure out the list of ministers for his cabinet.

Conte had stated that he was preparing himself to defend all the interests of the Italians in every sphere, in Europe as well as abroad. He has also claimed to be the defense lawyer of the Italians. After the inconclusive election which took place in March, the country had been facing a series of deadlocks. Numerous meetings between different parties could not yield fruitful results and finally 5-star and the League had agreed to set up a government. The main aim of the government was to enhance the taxes and reduce spending.

Conte was selected to be the Prime Minister by the 5-Star and he held no elected position or did not have any political experience. The critics of Conte have concluded that he would be an extremely weak leader and he would have very little influence on the other coalition partners. The volatile Italian markets witnessed selling pressure and there are concerns regarding a spending spree that would happen at the League and 5-star program.

The League and 5-star had informed President Mattarella that they wanted Conte to hold the office of the Prime Minister. The President did not listen to their decision immediately and had asked for some time to consider the choice. The President had considered the fact that Conte did not have much political experience, possessed a sound academic resume and had announced his final decision.

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