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Greece calls on EU countries to more equitably distribute migrants across Europe


Greece on Monday called on the EU to make a more equitable system of distribution of immigrants among member countries of the bloc, European media reported.

The Deputy Minister for Citizenship Protection, Georgios Koumoutsakos welcomed the fact that Ursula von der Leyen, who was elected as the European Commission President, called the migration issue one of the priorities of her policy.

According to Koumoutsakos, Athens “is looking forward to special European mechanisms aimed, on the one hand, on the equitable distribution of migrants, and, on the other hand, on a more effective policy for returning them to other countries where they came from.”

He also expressed his hope for a new agreement on granting refugee status. Koumoutsakos noted that “since July 7 there has not been a day for migrants to not arrive.”

“Greece has already exhausted its capabilities and is looking forward to effective cooperation on this issue with the European Commission and other member countries,” he added.

European media say that the Greek islands, in particular, Lesvos, account for the main flow of illegal migrants who are trying to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.


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