Juan Guaido

Guaido in Venezuela Talked to Public Sector Union to Destabilise the Government


Venezuela’s head of the opposition-led National Assembly, Mr. Guaido had a talk to the public sector union on this Tuesday in order to take down the power of the current government. He arranged a meeting with the designated authorities regarding the strikes against President Nicolas Maduro.

Considering the prevalent crisis and unrest in Venezuela, the strikes may help to bog down the power of Maduro. Several million of the state employees are favoring the strikes as Maduro has put the country into its lowest economic phase ever. This can act as an appropriate way to vent their anger and sheer frustration against the current Government.

Maduro, on the other hand, has already vowed to defeat to the crazed minority. Taking his threat as a challenge, the opposition party is all set to arrange an anti-government protest in the coming Saturday. If sources are to be believed, the protest is going to coincide with the anti-imperialist marches by Maduro.

It can be easily understood that the opposition party is getting the entire favor of the mass. This was confirmed after witnessing Guaido’s return to Venezuela on Monday. The country seemed to welcome him with lots of hopes and expectations.

According to the sources, Maduro had referred the million of supports as the minority. And he had voiced that the Government is going to win in any circumstance. He made his intention quite clear during the speech at the 6th death anniversary of Hugo Chavez.

However, people are highly favoring the presence of Guaido. He and his party are in a constant endeavor to help the mass with proper food and aids. Moreover, Gaudio is also backed by Trump and other countries to bring him in power. In fact, the countrymen have already recognized him as the rightful interim ruler.

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