Anti Extradition Bill Protest. A reporter running for cover as tear gas canisters explode during clashes with protesters outside the Central Government Office in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities officially withdrawn controversial extradition bill


Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday officially announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

The decision at the Legislature meeting was voiced by Hong Kong Security Secretary John Lee.  He did not answer the questions of the participants in the meeting, and the chairman of the meeting said that in this case the rules do not provide for discussions.

Earlier it was expected that the recall of the bill, which provoked months of protests, will be announced by the head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam.  It was supposed that this should happen on October 16, but the annual appeal to parliament was disrupted.

Mass protests in Hong Kong against proposals for amendments to the law that would allow authorities to expel suspected criminals to mainland China began in June.  Later they grew into riots and pogroms.  Over time, the list of activist demands has expanded.  In particular, they now oppose the recently adopted ban on wearing masks during protests.

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