Nicolas Maduro

How an Intrepid Coup Attempt in Venezuela is Now the Face of Farce and Mockery


A failed coup attempt earlier this month to remove Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro from power ended in a preposterous failure. A series of mishaps leading to a mismanaged operation and capture of seaborne invading group can now be labelled as the least successful attempt in modern history to overthrow a government.

The plan to invade Venezuela by sea route and capture the president was by a former US army staff sergeant Jordon Goudreau. The plan went haywire post series of unplanned events. The coup and capture was to be done by an invading force that included 2 Americans who were very quickly captured and resulted in death of 8 men.

The Associated Press had released the planned coup and that the chief funders withdrew from the operation at the last moment and disowned it. This led to unprepared men who were very lightly armed, wearing shorts and t-shirts, and sea-sick.

The Guardian’s world affairs editor Julian Borger explains how the plan ensues. The plot is said to be initiated by a political fixer who is linked to the opposition leader Juan Guaido.

The audacious plan is said to be deeply flawed from the start. Jordon Goudreau laid out the plan to capture the foreign country president, ask a big bounty from U.S. government and even bigger from the Venezuela beneficial party. He thought his plan was easy and fool-proof. The representatives of opposition leader Juan Guaido, the legitimate president according to his allies including U.S., signed the contract with Goudreau to overthrow president Maduro.

But with growing doubt on Goudreau, the opposition representative cancelled the deal weeks before the seaborne raid was launched. This disastrous attempted coup is said to mitigate the botched plan of 1961, Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

Two of the American force members were captured even before they could set foot on the Venezuelan ground.

The attempted failed coup is being described as highly mismanaged, poorly organized, to the level of delusional. The effects are that it has backfired leading to the strengthened position of President Maduro in Venezuela.

The coup has come as a propaganda boon for President Maduro, who has claimed since long that he is the subject of US – sponsored assassination plot.

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