India PM Modi attends Howdi Modi event

‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston signified unity and friendship between US and India


Around 50,000 people assembled in the Texas Stadium on Sunday, with a full-fledged roaring crowd, it seemed like Trump campaign. The “Howdy Modi!” event communicated a message of solidarity between the world’s two nations.

President Trump highlighted the increase of US exports to India and the billion dollars investment that India did on US-made defense equipment.

“India has never invested in such a large scale in the United States like it is doing today,” he stated, including that “we’re also reciprocating likewise in India.”

The president also talked about border security, a significant campaign point for Texas, as it shares the Mexican border.

“We are making an unprecedented move to protect our southern border and stop unlawful migration,” Trump said.

The “Howdy Modi!” rally in Houston, where the crowd recited “Modi! Modi! Modi!” as he stepped on the stage to introduce Trump. PM Modi added, “my friend, a friend of India, an incredible American president.” He said that President Trump would like to continue with his dream to “make America incredible once more.”

Welcomed by overwhelming applause, Trump also praised Modi, who he said was doing a “genuinely outstanding work for India” and its citizens.

PM Modi said; “When I met President Trump for the first time, he said to me, ‘India has a genuine friend in the White House,.'” He included, “Mr. President, today in Houston, you can hear the heartbeat of this extraordinary partnership in this celebration of the world’s two biggest popular nations.”

Later, Trump also paid tribute to the Indian-American people and letting them know that “we are genuinely pleased to have you as Americans.”

Trump said US-India bonds are extending regardless of strains over India’s exchange surplus with the US. In June, the US dropped extraordinary exchange benefits that had enabled India to send out specific merchandise with lower levies.

The US and India are talking about ways to negotiate at least a partial economic agreement, which would give the president a chance to get re-elected in the upcoming elections.

PM Modi said that while Trump has acknowledged himself a “tough negotiator,” he has learned a couple of things from Trump about the specialty of making deals. He added, that, “We are witnessing great history being made right now and also great chemistry.” the title of the event is ‘Howdy, Modi!’ However, Modi is nothing on his own. I am a common man working for 1.3 billion people.”

After the speech, Modi requested President Trump to take a walk hand in hand around the stadium arena, waving at the crowd in the stands, who greeted both the leaders with cheers and applaud.

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