Ren Zhengfei

Huawei Founder in an Interview Claims That His Daughter’s Arrest Was Politically Motivated


On 18th February during an interview, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei stated that the arrest of his daughter, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer, as a politically motivated one.

During the interview, Ren told that he strongly opposes to what the US has done. Politically motivated actions are not at all acceptable.

On 1st December, Canada detained Meng at the request of the US. The charges that were brought against Meng included bank as well as wire fraud. Moreover, she even violated the US sanctions that were placed against Iran.

The U.S. Justice Department declined to accept that the charges were politically motivated. Nicole Navas, a spokeswoman informed reporters via an email that the Justice Department’s criminal case against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is grounded/ build simply on the proof and the law. The Department follows and prosecutes cases by remaining free of any political intrusion and trail the evidence and rule of law in tracking criminal charges.

The United States has charged Huawei and another Chinese network equipment company, ZTE Corp, of working at the order of the Chinese government. The United States stated that the equipment could be used in order to spy on Americans. Huawei has often rejected the claims.

Remarking on the spying issue, the Huawei founder restated that the company will “never assume” any spying acts.

Huawei, who is the world’s largest producer of telecoms equipment, is facing acute inquiry in the West over its relationship with the Chinese government and accusations of allowing state spying, with the United States urging its allies not to use Huawei’s technology.

Ren stated that the company could cut back to withstand such efforts by the United States. He even stated that the world can’t leave them as they are more advanced. Even if the US  coaxes more nations not to use the technologies offered by Huawei, the company can always increase its importance.

While commenting on a possible ban in the UK, Ren stated that it would not make the company pull outs its UK investments, adding that it will transfer its investments to the UK from the United States in case the U.S. carries to take actions against Huawei.

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