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‘I would only meet with Maduro to talk about one thing: a quite exit from office!’ says Trump


On Sunday, President Donald Trump said that he would consider meeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and downplayed his earlier decision to recognize opposition pioneer Juan Guaido as Nation’s legitimate head. 

Venezuela’s Maduro has also publically stated his interest in meeting President Trump. President Trump tweeted that his administration has consistently remained in favor of liberty and freedom and against the corrupt Maduro rule. Trump said he would meet with Maduro to talk about a quiet exit from leadership.

On Monday, President Donald Trump seemed to take back remarks that he would consider meeting with Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro after an interview that raised uncertainties on his support for opposition rival, Juan Guaidó.

In 2018, Trump had expressed his openness to meet Maduro, who also made suggestions for talks, yet nothing emerged. Moreover, instead, the US tightened up the pressure. On Sunday, a White House interview published by Axios stated that Trump gave lukewarm remarks about acknowledging Guaidó as Venezuela’s rightful leader. 

The remarks to Axios were potentially the crystal clear sign about what some US authorities have slightly hinted towards, which was developing disappointment over his administration’s inability to unseat Maduro through tact. 

According to Merco Press, The United States was first among many countries to back Guaido, who as the opposition leader of Congress in mid-2019, contending that Maduro’s re-election was invalidated. 

In Feb, Guaidó was a surprise visitor at Trump’s yearly State of the Union address where Trump called Guaidó as the only legitimate leader of Venezuela and reinstated that Maduro’s government will be crushed and broken soon.

However, Trump’s former national security counselor, John Bolton, says in his upcoming book, Trump had faltered on his support for Guaidó. President Trump did desire to take military action to remove Maduro, but, he also stated that the socialist leader was too powerful for Guaidó to overthrow, as per Bolton, the AP reported. 

Maduro told the state news organization AVN, Whenever the time comes, I am prepared to speak to President Donald Trump. Guaido created a ruckus 18 months ago announcing himself an acting president after the opposition-dominated House declared Maduro a usurper over his 2018 re-election ballot broadly observed as fixed.

Article Credit: Merco Press/ CBS News/ AP News

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