US-Mexico Border

In an Attempt to Curb Coronavirus Pandemic Spread, U.S. is Expelling Hundreds of Child Migrants


Group of children as young as 10 years can be seen swimming across the Rio Grande, crossing the US-Mexico border through the dense brush of Texas, who are young migrants and asylum seekers. 

Citing the Coronavirus pandemic spread, Trump administration is expelling child migrants rapidly. Under the emergency declaration alluding to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 600 minors have been expelled in April alone. 

According to the U.S. law, young migrants and asylum seekers are normally allowed to live with their families in U.S. while their cases drift through the immigration courts. Instead the new ruling under President Donald Trump, the rapid expelling of these minors is taking place in full swing. 

The law permits these children, mostly from Central America seeking asylum or migration to stay in the U.S. until their case is under ruling in the courts.  

These expulsions are aimed at curbing the pandemic spread across United States. The new administration regulation is focusing on preventing the entry of migrant children under different programs. “Zero tolerance policy” that led to thousands of families being separated seeking asylum and migration into the country has since been rescinded.

Border agencies at the U.S. border are reporting of following strict checks for border crossings and asylum claims in order to prevent coronavirus cases influx in the U.S. 

Two recently expelled teens, in an interview with the Associated Press said that they were told by border agents that they wouldn’t be allowed to seek asylum. After that they were placed in cells and were given medical examination. Later they were flown back to Guatemala, their home country. 

Under Florence Agreement, which is a 2008 anti-trafficking law and a federal court settlement, children from countries other than Canada and Mexico must be provided an access to legal counsel and cannot be deported immediately. 

The Florence Agreement also states that these children must be released to their family in U.S. or otherwise, in the least restrictive possible arrangement. These rules were formulated to prevent any mistreatment of children and avoiding them falling into the hands of criminals.

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