India and China Ready to Boost Military Ties after Defense Talks


India and China have acknowledged bolstering their military ties and intensifying interaction so that peace can be ensured on their common borders. This statement was made by the Indian government after a meeting between the defense ministers of the two old rivals. Since last year, the relation between the two Asian giants started to worn over the 73-day military contention in a remote, high-altitude area of their refuted Himalayan border. However, over the last few months, both neighbors are working on restoring ties. This effort can be clearly proved from the visit of Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe to India. Wei informed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the friendship between the two countries dates back to ancient times.

On 23rd August Wei had a lengthy conversation with Indian counterpart, Nirmala Sitharaman. During the discussions it was settled that both countries would broaden the engagement between the military forces in matters of training, professional cooperation, and joint exercises. The defense ministers also discussed on border issues. They admitted to enforce morale building measures in order to insure peace is maintained. At the same time, it should include the early functioning and operating of a hotline between the armed forces of China and India.

In the year 1962, India and China fought war against each other. Since, then the unsolved dispute over the expanse of their 3500 km border strained the relationship of the two countries. However, the two Asian giants share similar…..on a number of issues, such as US duties. In April, Chinese President and INDIAN Prime Minister agreed to improve their relationship.

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