Interregional cooperation between China and Russia has entered a stage of accelerated development About this reports Rambler


The 6th Sino-Russian EXPO takes place from June 15 to 19 in Harbin, the administrative center of Heilongjiang Province / Northeast China /. The main theme of the exhibition sounds like “Chinese-Russian interregional cooperation: opportunities, potential, future”. Within the framework of the EXPO a number of events took place dedicated to the strengthening of such cooperation.

At the current EXPO, 1246 enterprises from 21 administrative units of the provincial level of China are represented, as well as 137 enterprises from various regions of Russia. Guangdong Province – from the Chinese side and the Republic of Sakha / Yakutia / – from the Russian side were chosen as the regions honored guests of the exhibition.

Experts believe that the interregional cooperation of the PRC and the Russian Federation has entered a stage of accelerated development, which currently covers not only the border, but also the inland and coastal regions of the two countries.

Such cooperation, according to them, will not only give new dynamics to the development of Chinese-Russian relations a comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction in the new era, but will also contribute to the ongoing development of bilateral trade and economic relations.

At present, China and Russia have created two mechanisms for interregional cooperation related to the interaction between China’s Northeast and the Russian Far East, the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation.

Since last year, within the framework of the Years of China-Russia interregional cooperation, two meetings of the Council on interregional cooperation between the two countries were held, the Council’s charter was developed, the number of its members increased, and a joint investment fund was established to develop interregional cooperation.

Now more and more government departments and regions of China and Russia are promoting the interregional cooperation of the two countries through their efforts, thanks to which this interaction is developing successfully.

On June 15, the 2nd Chinese-Russian Forum of Interregional Cooperation was held in Harbin, at which officials and representatives of the business circles of the two countries jointly discussed the current problems and prospects for the development of such cooperation.

In 2018, China-Russia trade exceeded $ 100 billion, setting a new historical record. Interregional cooperation between the two countries has great potential and will contribute to the high-quality development of bilateral trade.


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