Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis and Trump have signed a joint statement on the strategic partnership between Romania and the US


President Klaus Iohannis and his American counterpart Donald Trump on Tuesday adopted a joint statement in which the United States, among other things, reiterates its support for Romania’s efforts to become eligible for entry into the Visa Waiver Program in accordance with US law requirements, according to a statement of the Presidential Administration.

“As President of Romania and the United States of America, we work together, as friends and allies, to advance our robust and sustainable Strategic Partnership. Through our deepening partnership, we will create new opportunities for increasing security, development and prosperity and for to respond better to the global challenges and responsibilities we share, “the statement said.

Also, the text of the document recalls the 1989 Revolution and the 15th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“Together, our states have made sustained efforts to modernize our armed forces and to fulfill our commitments under NATO on the equitable sharing of responsibilities.

Our servicemen act shoulder to shoulder to defend freedom and to strengthen the defense and deterrence posture on NATO’s East Side, including the Black Sea, which is of strategic importance for transatlantic security. We are also seeking to avoid the security risks that accompany Chinese investments in 5G telecommunications networks, “the joint statement said.

The document states that Romania and the United States recognize that energy security is national security.

“We underline our opposition to Nord Stream 2 and other projects that make our allies and partners energetically dependent on Russia. Natural gas resources in Romania have the potential to increase the prosperity of our states, as well as strengthen Europe’s energy security.

Romania and the United States will analyze ways to improve the investment climate in the field of energy for the benefit of both countries. Moreover, we strongly encourage the close collaboration of our industries to support Romania’s objectives in the field of civil nuclear energy, “the text states.

In the adopted statement it is stated that the excellent partnership between Romania and the US in the field of law enforcement and the fight against corruption is … read more about “Iohannis and Trump have signed a joint statement on the strategic partnership between Romania and the USA, with very clear directions “.


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