Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran accuses US of violating diplomatic norms


The introduction of US sanctions against Iranian Foreign Minister violates all established international diplomatic norms, said Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiah.

“Such actions are an unprecedented development in the history of world diplomacy,” said Rabiah.

In his opinion, the decisions of the state, which constantly demands to begin negotiations and at the same time impose sanctions on the foreign minister of the country with whom she intends to engage in dialogue, are ridiculous.

The representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Iran stressed that Zarif is the head of the country’s foreign policy department, therefore all diplomatic relations should pass only through him.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi expressed the opinion that the United States imposed sanctions on the Iranian foreign minister because of his excellence in negotiating.

On the introduction of sanctions against Iranian Foreign Minister announced Washington July 30. Entering the sanctions list means freezing assets in the United States and prohibiting US citizens or companies from doing business with its defendants.

Zarif himself said that the US sanctions do not affect him or his family since he “has no property or any interests outside Iran.” The reason, in his opinion, is that the United States regards him as “the main representative of Iran around the world.”


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