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Iran detained a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz


The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) seized the oil tanker Stena Impero, flying the British flag.

It is reported that the incident occurred in the Strait of Hormuz, to the tanker, on board of which there were 23 people, small craft and an unmarked helicopter approached.

The British Foreign Office is urgently examining reports. The government emergency committee, Cobra, meets in Whitehall to discuss the incident.

Stena Bulk, the ship’s owner and Northern Marine Management ship manager, confirmed that the UK-registered tanker Stena Impero was approached around 4:00 pm on Friday when it was in international waters.

The statement of the company-owner says: “Currently, we can not contact the vessel, which is now heading north towards Iran.”

Information about whether people have suffered, yet.

The IRNA report states that the tanker was captured at the request of the port authorities of the province of Hormozgan by a unit of the flotilla of the First Zone of the Iranian Navy. Iranian authorities reported that the tanker was captured “because of a violation of international maritime law.”

The IRNA report states that the tanker was sent to the shore after the seizure. Now local authorities must “carry out legal procedures and carry out the necessary checks.” On July 18, Iran announced the detention in the Persian Gulf of an oil tanker with one million liters of oil on board and the arrest of 12 members of his crew.


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