Iran Nuclear Deal in Crisis as UK Foreign Secretary Visits Washington


The fate of the Iran nuclear deal was debatable when the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom rushed to Washington in order to meet the Trump administration and convince them to keep the deal intact. The President of the United States, Donald Trump had always severely criticized the deal. The President is scheduled to make his announcement by 12th May, 2018.

In January, he had signed off the pact for the last time, warning that it was the last chance. He had demanded for stricter measures and has also wished that Iran would be banned from having access to ballistic missiles. Sir Kim Darroch, UK’s ambassador to the United States had stated that the final decision of the President has not yet been concealed and a lot of views regarding the deal have been going on in the market.

It has been reported that President Trump had hired Israeli private intelligence firm in order to conduct a campaign against the important negotiators from the Obama administration in order to create a negative effect on the deal. The foreign secretary of UK was not supposed to meet the US President in Washington and he was scheduled to meet the Vice-President Mile Pence and John Bolton who was a foreign policy expert.

Johnson is the representative of the last member of the EU three to meet the US President as Germany, France and Britain are considered to be the most important pillars of the deal which was signed in 2015. Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Markel of Germany had already met the President of the United States earlier. Johnson stated that it was very important that Iran never got a nuclear weapon. Even though the deal does have some weaknesses, all of them can be mended.

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