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Is China restraining democracy? Trudeau decodes


Canada and China have been long battling with their strenuous relationship. The sourness has affected both the countries somewhere or the other. Canada now wants to go to the deep ends as far as limiting trade with China is concerned. Earliers, Canada suspended the extradition treaty with Hong Kong. The Canadian decision was prompted by the new security law Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in violation of its international treaty.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday said “effective immediately, Canada will not permit the export of sensitive military items to Hong Kong.” He further said that anything that has been exported till now to Hong Kong will be considered as if it was meant for China.

Ties between both the countries have been strenuous since 2018 when Canadian officials arrested Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, under the US warrant. After Meng was detained, China arrested Canadian citizens Michael Kovri, a former diplomat, and Michael Spavor, a businessman, on charges of espionage.

These two countries may be fighting for something that may seem situational but there is a larger picture to it. There was pressure on Canada to release the top chinese official in return for the two Canadians that China had arrested but Trudeau did not shake his stance.

“If the Chinese government concludes that detaining (citizens) is an effective way to gain leverage over Canadians and the Canadian government, to randomly arrest Canadians, then no Canadian will be safe,” Trudeau said. He added, “Any regime anywhere would be likely to start arresting “random Canadians” to press diplomatic goals. To demonstrate to China that they can just arrest Canadians and they can get what they want out of Canada – even for us going against the independence of our judicial system – would be absolutely unacceptable.

Trudeau has made it loud and clear that China wants to make people their slave. The war, the fight is not just limited to situations but is planned. China can make nations do whatever they want is the idea they want to penetrate among people. The Canadian Prime Minister decoded the strategies of Asian Superpower and left it for people to analyse.

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