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Is it right to designate Qatar as a mediator between the US and Iran?


Relations between Doha and Tehran have improved markedly since 2017, when the neighboring countries of Qatar – Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain – broke off relations with the emirate and imposed its transport blockade, as a result of which he was forced to negotiate with Iran on the supply of goods and the opening of new airways through Iran. Thus, the bilateral relations of the states of the Arab Sea acquired a very friendly tone.

On the other hand, the Qatari tried to get the favor of the United States in every way. Sometimes financial injections, sometimes propaganda, and in the end, Qatar took on the role of mediator in the conflict between the US and Iran, trying to reduce tensions between the states.

But how beneficial is such a decision to the United States?

The radical state of Qatar has been seen more than once in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations that have committed terrorist attacks in Western states and incited hatred. Also, more and more scandals related to corruption, bribery, pressure on other states through financial influences and media control. Such a mediator is unlikely to remain neutral when, on the one hand, a democratic secular state, and on the other, an ally with similar views and mutual support.

Earlier this month, Iranian authorities allowed Qatar nationals to obtain tourist visas at airports upon entry into the country. Such a gesture is hard not to appreciate.

Thus, the question arises whether the United States should agree to such a mediator in relations with Iran.

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