Israel and the United States conducted successful tests of the missile defense system in Alaska


The secret tests of the Israeli anti-missile complex Hetz-3 (Strela-3) passed in Alaska. They were conducted by the Israeli military in collaboration with the US Army.

A successful test was announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter. He stated that during the tests, targets outside the Earth’s atmosphere were hit.

“During three recent tests in Alaska, the Arrow 3 intercepted ballistic missiles beyond the atmosphere at unprecedented altitudes and speeds. Perfect execution! I would like to express my deep and strong appreciation to the United States for advancing our joint security” – said Netanyahu on Twitter.

In his comments, the Israeli Prime Minister called the United States a great ally of Israel and said that successful tests prove the ability of the Hetz-3 complex to act against ballistic missiles launched against Israel from Iran or from anywhere else.

He added that now the enemies will know that Israel is superior to them both in defense and in attack.

The Hets-3 anti-missile complex intercepts targets at an altitude of up to 100 km and operates at a distance of 400 to 2500 km.

It was developed by experts of the Israeli aerospace industry with the participation of the US Missile Defense Agency and the American corporation Boeing.

According to representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Alaska was chosen to test the anti-missile complex for a number of reasons – in particular, during launches, the complex’s interaction with American missile detection systems was worked out.

Testing in Alaska was announced after Iran tested the Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile earlier this week.

Israel and America are historically linked by allied relations, which, having survived the crisis during the years of the Obama presidency, became more active after the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

The Trump administration supports Israel on a range of issues – from confrontation with Iran to the position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The two countries are actively cooperating in the field of defense technologies. For example, in February, the US Department of Defense announced plans to acquire the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.

It is used in Israel to intercept short-range missiles, including protection from shelling from Palestinian territories.



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