Rocket from Gaza strip

Israeli aircraft strikes Hamas military posts in Gaza in response to rocket


Israeli Defense Forces aircraft attacked military targets of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip on Saturday in response to rocket fire on Jewish territory.  This was reported by the army press service.

“The night before, on November 29, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel. In response, some time ago, Israel Defense Forces fighters attacked several Hamas terrorist targets in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Among the targets hit is an arms production workshop,”  in a statement circulated by the military.

On Friday evening, the Israeli military said it had spotted a missile launch from Gaza across Israeli territory.  The army press service noted that it was the fourth rocket fired from the Jewish state sector in a week.  “The Israel Defense Forces considers the Hamas movement to be responsible for any events emanating from the Gaza Strip. Hamas will face the consequences of its actions against Israeli citizens,” the military added.

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