Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his press meeting

Japan and South Korea must stabilize relations


Japan and South Korea, after trade disagreements in recent months, should normalize relations.  This was announced on Thursday by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in talks with his South Korean counterpart Lee Nak Yong, who is in Japan on a visit in connection with the participation in the intronization ceremony of the new Emperor Naruhito.

“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasized that relations between Japan and South Korea should not be left in the current very difficult state and that negotiations with the Prime Minister of South Korea will serve as a step towards their normalization and return to their healthy form,” the statement said.  common to the Japanese Foreign Ministry.  The head of the Japanese government also noted that Japan and South Korea are “important neighbors for each other,” and normal relations between the two states are necessary to solve various problems, primarily problems related to the DPRK.

Lee Nak Yong, in turn, noted that he shares with the Prime Minister of Japan the understanding that Tokyo and Seoul need to continue the dialogue, as well as develop diverse exchanges.  The South Korean prime minister also handed over to the head of the Japanese government a letter from President Moon Jae In.  The contents of this message are not currently reported.

Relations between Tokyo and Seoul escalated amid trade disagreements.  In early July, Japan tightened control over the export to the Republic of Korea of ​​three types of materials necessary for the production of modern semiconductors and displays of various electronic devices.  In August, Tokyo removed South Korea from the list of countries to which Japanese nanomaterials and high-tech components were supplied without restrictions.  In September, Seoul excluded Japan from its own list of priority partners.

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