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Japan opens two-day meeting of Foreign Ministers G20


The two-day program of the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers begins on Friday in the Japanese city of Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture) with a number of bilateral meetings, as well as a gala dinner on the occasion of the opening of the event.

According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the head of the country’s foreign ministry Toshimitsu Motegi will hold talks with his colleagues from Australia, Argentina, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, and Turkey on that day.  In addition, Motegi is scheduled to meet with ministers from invited non-G20 countries.  Among them are the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

After completing this part of the program, all participants in the meeting will have dinner at the Japanese cuisine restaurant Kawabun, whose history spans about 400 years.

The G20 ministerial meeting itself will be held on November 23.  Three sessions are planned on world trade, the implementation of the sustainable development goals, and the development of African countries.  Among other topics – the reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO), taxation of large digital companies.  As noted in the Japanese Foreign Ministry, no final statements are planned to be adopted.

“For the meeting in Nagoya, we selected three topics that relate to pressing issues facing the world community. We believe that this year Japan made a great contribution to developing relations with other countries at the G20 Summit in Osaka and the Conference on African Development (TICAD)  “I hope that the results of our discussion will give an impetus to world cooperation and become a positive signal for improving the global political and economic situation,” the Japanese Foreign Minister said at a press conference in advance of the meeting.

Several countries in Nagoya will be represented at the level of deputy foreign ministers.  In particular, the Italian delegation will be led by Deputy Minister Emanuel Del Re, and the United States by First Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan.  In addition to the G20 ministers, their colleagues from Vietnam, Egypt, Spain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Senegal, Singapore, Thailand and Chile were invited to Nagoya.

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