Conservatives win with the lead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Johnson confidently won, but the trials for Brexit are just beginning


The counting of votes from 650 constituencies is almost complete, and the picture is as follows: the ruling Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, won a landslide victory.  The Tories have won more than 360 seats and now, relying on the majority, they can determine the agenda without looking at other parties.  Moreover, the positions of the main competitors of the conservatives, with the exception of perhaps the Scottish nationalists, have greatly weakened.

But Johnson will not have to wait for an easy life, and the threat will be posed by both the already mentioned supporters of Scottish independence and the European Union, with which it is yet to agree on a trade agreement.  And it is unlikely that these discussions will be easy.

The first bill to be submitted to the court of deputies will be the Brexit bill, which includes a “divorce” deal with the EU.

The prospect of parliamentary debate in the midst of the Christmas and New Year holidays, when all politicians usually disperse and fly away on vacation, of course, looks rather unrealistic.  Although who knows, it will be more than a simple vote, it will be a demonstration of the power of the Conservative Party under the leadership of Johnson.  The same Johnson, who suffered more defeats in the first month of the premiership than Labor Laborer Tony Blair in ten years of work on Downing Street (1997-2007), and who was predicted to be unrecorded for his tenure as head of government.  For the sake of this, conservatives can temporarily escape from the Christmas turkey by convening extraordinary meetings of both houses of parliament.

In general, the vote showed that the British voter wants to resolve the Brexit issue as quickly as possible, acting on the principle that “a terrible end is better than horror without an end.”  But for whom the election results were truly nightmare, it is for the opposition Labor Party.  The political force, led by extreme left-wing politician Jeremy Corbin since 2016, has shown the worst results in the past 84 years.  The Labor Party lagged behind the Conservatives by more than one and a half hundred mandates, for a long time having lost the opportunity to effectively influence Tory politics.  At the same time, Corbin admitted that he would have to resign as party leader without specifying, however, when this can be expected.

According to political scientist Marcus Papadopoulos, editor-in-chief and publisher of Politics First magazine, the Labor leader paid for ignoring the needs of his main electorate, which, like him, believes in the bright ideas of socialism.  “I am not surprised by these results. Conservatives win for one reason – Jeremy Corbin’s betrayal of his most sincere voters in Central and Northern England. They are true socialists who vehemently reject the European Union. For them, their leader’s statement is that he will hold a second referendum on UK membership  within the EU, its contempt for voters from working districts who [in 2016] voted for Brexit meant that they would leave the party en masse, ”the political scientist said.

Gloomy Friday, the 13th, also became for the leader of the Liberal Democrats party, Joe Swinson.  The politician, who claimed to strengthen the party’s position as the country’s third political force, did not go to parliament, losing a representative from the Scottish National Party (SNP) with a difference of only 149 votes.  She built her entire campaign on promises to cancel Brexit, despite the opinion of 17.4 million people who, in 2016, advocated breaking up with Brussels.  And, as in the case of Corbin, voters did not forgive her such a neglect of their opinion.

The further course of negotiations with the EU on Brexit will not be like an easy walk.  Yes, Johnson will get parliament to ratify the deal.  Yes, he will keep his word and by January 31 will withdraw the country from the European community.  “The conservative government has received a powerful new mandate to implement Brexit,” said the Prime Minister, commenting on the results of the vote.  Johnson sounded very convincing, as during the entire campaign.

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