UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Johnson is ready to work on solving the problem of the Irish border


The UK is ready to work on resolving the border control problem on the island of Ireland after the country’s exit from the EU. This was announced on Tuesday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The media has leaked information that after Brexit. Dublin is waiting for the appearance of tough border control in the north of the state. Allegedly, these are the details of the plan that the prime minister should submit to Brussels for approval.

The issue of the Irish border has become the main stumbling block in the Brexit talks. The virgin government considers the option in which Northern Ireland may remain part of the European Customs Union unacceptable. Boris Johnson denied information about border crossing points. And he promised before the end of the week to send new proposals for leaving the EU to Brussels.

The prospect of still concluding an agreement with the EU at the congress of the Democratic Union Party, operating in Northern Ireland, was greeted with applause.

“I’m not going to pretend that it will be easy, this is not a walk in the park, but we have made tremendous progress. Our friends and partners are signaling at least some reasons for optimism. With all seriousness and honesty, we will work with our European friends and partners to achieve the goal, “Johnson pointed out.

Boris Johnson did not in vain say about good faith. More recently, the prime minister was accused of her absence – due to the suspension of parliament. Forced leave, initiated by Johnson, representatives of the House of Commons regarded as an attempt to get rid of the opponents of the hard “Brexit” on October 31. New details about the border with Ireland further crippled the position of the head of government, forcing him to abandon the initiative with checkpoints. His Irish colleague exponentially endorsed Johnson’s words, thereby forcing him to act carefully.

“I very much welcome Prime Minister Johnson and his words today when he disowned and distanced himself from these unofficial documents. If he didn’t do this, in my opinion, this would be serious evidence of dishonesty on the part of the British government,” said the Prime Minister Irish Minister Leo Varadkar.

What will be the new agreement with the EU and whether it will be at all is still a big question. In recent months, Johnson showed through his decisions that he was not ready to compromise. It is entirely possible that the concessions he is making now are just a distraction. Only four weeks are left before the expected Brexit date.

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