Boris Johnson

Johnson’s adviser said Parliament’s inability to prevent exit from the EU


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be able to get the country out of the European Union without a preliminary deal before October 31, even if the majority of members of the House of Commons will issue a vote of no confidence to his government, Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings is sure, The Telegraph writes.

After taking office, Prime Minister Johnson has repeatedly said that the UK will leave the EU before October 31, regardless of the circumstances. Earlier, the parliament has repeatedly rejected the conditions that the previous prime minister, Teresa May, was able to coordinate with Brussels.

The House of Commons will be able to pass a vote of no confidence in Johnson in September, when meetings will resume. In this case, special elections will be scheduled. However, the prime minister may schedule a vote on a date after October 31, Cummings noted. He also expressed confidence that the Conservative Party will win the elections.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbin said earlier that the party initiates a vote of no confidence, “when it will be appropriate.”

Johnson himself did not rule out that the work of Parliament could be suspended in the case of the “tough” Brexit scenario, without a deal with the EU. The decision to leave the union of the new prime called fundamental. According to him, those who voted for Brexit wanted “those people whom they can elect and remove from office should adopt their laws.” It was reported that London intends to spend about £ 100 million ($ 121 million) to inform the public about leaving the EU without a deal.


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