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Justin Trudeau Administration Hits Rough Waters Over Favoritism Contracts


Issues around Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s credibility to run the show are surfacing as two contracts have come into scrutiny and suspect favoritism over Trudeau’s personal relations with both parties.

The first one was the Canadian government awarded We Charity a contract to administer a payment program for the Canada Student Service Grant program. This was a $900 million volunteer program, for a contract worth $19.5 million that now stands canceled.

The second was where Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford was implicated to have used her connection with the Cabinet to get one of Canada’s biggest mortgage firms MCAP a lucrative contract. Apparently, Katie’s husband joined the same firm in the capacity of senior vice president in January 2020. The firm was awarded a $56 million contract that was later increased to $84 million. The main aim of the contract was to administer one of the government’s Covid-19 emergency funding programs, something that would have ideally been done by the government’s Canada Mortgage and Housing Authority. But they indicated they did not have the capacity to administer the same.

After much as been said, the opposition bloc is now asking for the Liberal Party to either ask its leadership to step down or get ready for re-elections.  This would mean that Justin Trudeau, Katie Telford, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign from their respective office.

There has been an indication of family ties between the PM and Finance Minister with the family of We Charity, bringing the initiation of the deal under scrutiny in the first place. There have been general rumors that Mr. Morneau might go onto sacrifice his office to save Mr. Trudeau, a thought that has been brushed aside by Trudeau as over speculative and unnecessary. On her part, Ms. Telford has said that the decisions made by the Cabinet were run by the civil service and were not influenced in any way.

However, criticism over the family connections between the charity and both the Prime Minister and Finance minister has not faded in spite of apologies and claims that it was more of an oversight and potential poor judgment in the midst of the pandemic crisis.

The Opposition Bloc Quebecois leader Yves Francois Blanchet has given the ultimatum. If the trio does not resign, he plans to float a vote for non-confidence. The government can only topple if the other opposition parties decide to support the motion. These include the New Democrats and the Conservatives. While the former has not yet voiced itself, the latter would be happy to see the trio gone. A non- confidence coming through or resignations by the three, would mean elections by October and a tough movement due to the ongoing pandemic led mayhem in Canada.

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