Kabul bombing

Kabul bombings despite US-Taliban talks


In Kabul, a huge bomb exploded near a police station.  At least 14 people were killed and 150 injured.

The explosion raised a large column of black smoke into the sky and left the nearby buildings in ruins.  Most of the wounded were civilians.

The Taliban say the blast is their doing.

This is taking place against the backdrop of peace talks between the Taliban and the United States, which aim to put an end to the almost 18-year-old conflict.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said the bomb was used in an attack in a car, but the Taliban said they detonated a bomb in a truck, which is much larger.

NasratRahimi, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, said the vehicle carrying the explosives was stopped at a checkpoint outside the police station.  It was during the verification procedure that the explosion thundered.

Despite the fact that the Taliban and the United States are close to a historic pact, there has recently been a surge in attacks throughout the country.

In the last month alone, about 1,500 people were killed or wounded.



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