Nigel Farage

Brexit’s party ranked first in the elections to the European Parliament in Britain


The newBrexit Party led by Nigel Farage received the largest number of votes in the elections to the European Parliament in the UK and will take 28 deputy seats in the European Parliament out of 64 allocated to Britain.

The newly created Farage party won 31.6% of the vote. A group of parties campaigning for a repeated referendum and the abolition of “Brexit” received a total of 40% (the Liberal Democrats will send 15 deputies to the European Parliament, 10 Labor Party members, and the Green Party won 7 seats).

Most of the support of the infamous politician received in the counties in England and Wales – with the exception of London.

In Scotland, the SNP (Scottish National Party) party, which advocates that Britain remain a member of the EU, withdraws votes from Labor and won nearly 38% of the vote, which corresponds to three deputy seats in the European Parliament. “Scotland has once again rejected the “Brexit,” wrote the first minister of Scotland, the leader of the SNP, Nikola Sturgeon on Twitter.

In Britain as a whole, the Liberal Democrats’ Party took second place, which strongly opposes the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.


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