Kim Jong-un will not take part in summit which is going to South Koreaheld in

Kim Jong-un will not attend ASEAN summit


Kim Jong-un will not attend the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which will be held on November 25 in South Korea.  This was announced on Thursday by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea

According to the agency, the DPRK leader received a personal invitation from South Korean President Moon Jae In to attend the ASEAN Summit in Busan.  At the same time, the Central Control Commission draws attention to the fact that a number of oppositional political parties in South Korea continue to be “skeptical of relations between the North and the South.”  Moreover, according to the DPRK, Seoul “continues to rely on external forces, and not on national cooperation.”

“We are grateful for the confidence and sincerity of the south side, but we hope that it will understand the reason why we could not find enough good reason for the visit of the chairman of the DPRK State Council to Busan,” the agency concluded.


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