Jared Kushner

Kushner spoke about the US plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict


The US plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will include the political and economic parts, which will take into account similar attempts by previous Washington administrations. This was announced on Thursday by the senior adviser and son-in-law of US President Jared Kushner, who has been involved in the development of this initiative for about two years, speaking at the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy.

“The plan will have a political party, which will be an excellent starting point for such key issues as the status of Jerusalem. In the economic part, such steps as helping the Palestinians to strengthen their economies and improve their living standards will be considered in detail,” the adviser of the state.

“Political aspirations are important for Palestinians,” the president’s son-in-law noted, adding that the document would take this issue into account. He also said that the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would be “part of the final agreement anyway.”

Kushner believes that the settlement plan will “solve most political issues and help people start living better.” He promised that it would take into account “all previous attempts” to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. At the same time, the adviser indicated that the initiative “is not an attempt by the United States to impose its will in the region.”

The publication of the settlement plan over the last year has been postponed several times for various reasons. “There will never be an ideal time for publication, now is the right time,” said Kushner, adding that the initiative “will be beneficial for both parties to the conflict.” “People will be surprised at what is contained in it, but I hope that they will act rationally,” the adviser stressed.

According to him, the plan is aimed at “encouraging negotiations” between the two sides and, possibly, “will lead to some breakthroughs to overcome previously insurmountable borders.”

“I was given the task to try to find a solution between the two parties, and I think that we will propose a concept that, in my opinion, is realistic, it is feasible and, I think, will lead to both parties much better, “says Kushner.

At the same time, he did not answer the question of whether the plan supports the former proposal “two states for two peoples”. “If you are talking about the principle of“ two states, ”it means one for Israelis and completely different for Palestinians. As we indicated earlier, let’s just not say it. Let’s just work on the details,” Kushner stressed.

He added that the initiative containing the plan of action to resolve the conflict “will be very extensive.” Kushner stressed that she “will give answers to questions about the final status of” relations between Israelis and Palestinians, but does not seek to solve the problem of the principle of “two states.” “Our approach is that if we are going to fail, we don’t want to fail just as we did in the past,” he said.

According to a number of Arab media, this plan includes the creation of the State of Palestine in most parts of the West Bank. At the same time, the majority of Jewish settlements in this region, which occupy about 10% of the territory of the West Bank, should be preserved. In addition, the United States intends to consider West Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, and only parts of East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian. According to Washington, the central part of Jerusalem, the Old City, which houses one of the main shrines of Islam – the Al-Aqsa Mosque, should be considered part of Israel, but under the joint control of Israelis, Palestinians, Jordan and some other states.

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