Marine Le Pen

Le Pen visited Estonia


The leader of the “National Association” of France Marine Le Pen visited Tallinn.

On Tuesday, her official meeting with members of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), the Finnish True Finns Party and the Danish People’s Party took place in the building of the Brotherhood of Blackheads.

Near the main entrance to the building, almost an hour before the arrival of the French politician, Estonian activists gathered. They were holding posters with protests against racism, fascism and EKRE.

According to the agency, French tourists, who were passing by, joined the protest action. They shouted “Long live Europe!” in french and estonian.

It is noted that Marine Le Pen called on Estonians not to let themselves be deceived by euro-grants.

She was also surprised that in Estonia a lot of attention is paid to the “Russian question”, while the restoration of the “lost harmony of the EU” is not mentioned.

Le Pen and her party are in favor of developing relations with Russia and are opposed to the continuation of anti-Russian sanctions.

The visit of the French politician to Estonia took place a few days before the elections to the European Parliament.

During a meeting with Estonian politicians, Le Pen discussed a cooperation program for nationalist parties in Europe intending to create a single faction in the EP.

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