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“Let Russia, China or ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ protect Kurds” – Trump


The U.S. Army is not going to protect the Kurds in Syria from the Turkish offensive. As Donald Trump tweeted on the evening of October 14, “after a one-hundred-percent victory over ISIS, most of the US military is withdrawn from Syria.”

Trump emphasized that he sees no reason to fight, defending the Assad regime, which he called the “enemy of America.”

“Anyone who wants to help Syria protect the Kurds can do this. At least Russia, even China, even Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they do a great job, and we are 7000 miles from there,” the US President wrote.

And he stressed that he was going to focus on the southern border of the United States and continue to create a wall.

It should be noted that Trump’s so low degree of interest in the problems of the Kurds contradicts his own with some earlier statements. On the evening of October 14, it was reported that the US could impose sanctions against Turkey due to the onset of the Kurds before the end of Monday.

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