Libya’s Gryan missiles expose Qatar-Sarraj relationship



A new Qatari conspiracy was revealed a couple of days ago; and Qatar strikes in Libya this time, to add to the “shameful” Doha record, and its “malicious” agenda aimed at destabilizing security and stability and spreading chaos in the region.

The Paris-based Africa Intelligence website, which is close to the Western intelligence services, provided evidence of the involvement of Qatar and the government of Fayez al-Sarraj in the discovery of US Jafflin missiles in the city of Gharyan, south of the Libyan capital.

The site revealed in a special report a suspicious relationship between Al-Seraj and Michael Solman, a partner in Mercury Public Relations, who is also a senior adviser to US Senator Robert Menendez, who called for an investigation into the missile.

The report said the US company, which has been providing services to Al-Siraj since last April, is also working for the Qatari government.

These facts confirm the link between the Tripoli militias in the “Dess” 3 missiles in the US warehouse of the Libyan National Army in Greyan, in an attempt to accuse the Libyan army to obtain missiles in violation of international law.

“The militias are trying to fabricate the charges. This is not new to them. They have brought arms shipments from Bulgaria before, and they have also been helped by Qatar to obtain weapons through their smuggling,” Libyan political expert Abdel Basset Ben Hamel explained to press.

Bin Hamel stressed that the methods of the armed militias supported by Turkey and Qatar, are exposed, even weapons that want to implicate the Libyan armywith,can be traced through its serial number.

“This incident is very similar to  the refugee case, when satellite images revealed their lies and plotting ,” said political expert Abdulhakim Maatouk.

The two experts agreed that the operation of missiles in the Libyan army stores is a desperate attempt by the Sarraj government to cover up the terrible massacre committed by the Tripoli militias against the wounded soldiers of the Libyan National Army in the city of Gharyan a few days ago. where the militias of Tripoli, which stormed a hospital in the city

The story of Al-Sarraj and “Mercury” started in the beginning of April,with the first contract with the company working in the field of public relations, in order to try to change the US position and opinion about the Libyan National Army.

The company has special ties with the Qatari regime. It works for Doha and is constantly seeking to improve the image of the country.

“The deal is aimed at promoting Fayez Al-Sarraj and pressuring the White House, but it has failed completely. The US administration does not rely on reports from short-sighted organizations like this,”

The Politeko site revealed details of the agreement between Al-Seraj and Mercury. Data showed that Al-Seraj is spending $ 150,000 a month from the Central Bank of Libya and $ 1.8 million a year for the company.

Ben Hamel described the massive transfers as “a systematic robbery of Libyan funds, carried out by Al-Seraj.”

As Qatar’s relentless attempts to stop the Libyan National Army’s march towards liberating the Libyan capital Tripoli from armed militias continue, observers expect the pace of “scandals” that reflect Doha’s failure to achieve this goal to be more predictable.


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