Emmanuel Macron

Macron says Western world domination is coming to an end


The era of Western dominance in the world ends due to geopolitical changes. This was announced on Tuesday by French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at a meeting of ambassadors of the republic.

We see the end of Western hegemony in the world,” he said. “The circumstances are changing.” According to him, “this, in particular, is the strengthening of the new powers.” “China has moved forward, and Russia is doing better in its strategy,” he said.

The French president noted that the world order “is experiencing an unprecedented crisis.” The world, he said, lives in an era of “crisis of a market economy” and “huge shocks in technological and environmental terms.” He pointed out the dangers of this development for Europe. “European civilization needs a new, visionary strategy,” Macron says.

He stressed that Paris “does not adjust its policy to anyone”, “French diplomacy is independent.” “We have to play the role of equilibrium in the world,” the French leader believes. In this context, he again emphasized the importance of expanding dialogue and strengthening relations with Russia. “We are in Europe, and Russia too,” the president said.

Macron believes that it is important to constantly continue to seek equilibrium in the world. In his approaches, he believes, France, Europe must demonstrate “courage, deep freedom of action.” “We are the only ones for whom immobility is fatal,” the French leader believes. “Others may not have a multilateral, but a one-sided or bilateral strategy, we may not.” He called on diplomats “to abandon old schemes in their thinking, to work more closely with civil society.”

Macron also said that France needs to deeply rethink and build new relations with Russia. “We are in Europe, if we do not build new relations with Russia, then we will remain with tensions, a frozen conflict and the consequences of the Cold War,” he said. “We must deeply rethink our relations and build them anew.” “Every day, steps must be taken in this direction,” he said to the ambassadors.

The French leader also said that the Western world needs Russia in order to build a new architecture of trust and security in Europe.

At the same time, the French president admitted that at present the parties are “very far from this.” “But one should negotiate on this issue without naivety, constantly strive to re-build the agenda of trust,” Macron added.


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