Macron to Take Necessary Measures to Placate ‘Yellow Vests”

Macron to Take Necessary Measures to Placate ‘Yellow Vests”


In the past few weeks, Paris has been on the verge of vendetta as the Gilet jaunes wreaked havoc against President Emmanuel Macron’s French government. According to the furious people, the French government had increased taxes on fuel and overall made the economy suffer.

This led to this people’s movement the ‘Gilet jaunes’ aka the ‘yellow vests’ who created public riots all over France.

Last weekend, unfortunately, one of the worst riots broke out in the streets of Paris. Sunday, saw rioters torching cars, vandalizing shops, burning restaurants and cars along with throwing stones and creating havoc.

This was the fourth week in a row these ‘yellow vests’ inflicted damage and this compelled President Emmanuel Macron to come up with measures to placate and meet the terms of these ‘Yellow vests.”

According to news sources, the President said that he will meet with Trade Unions to ensure that he can meet certain demands of the people. However, as per Muriel Penicaud, the French the Labor Minister, the demand for increased wages will not be fulfilled.

The French cannot afford to see their small businesses go bankrupt and increasing minimum wage will do just that. The government states that this isn’t magic that with the flick of a wand, the government can solve all the issues at one go.

They will naturally address the problems; however, with time they will be addressed and solved.

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