Macron Takes a Tough Stance Against Trump


Emmanuel Marcon, the French President has said that no leaders are going to last forever after the Group Seven Summit in Canada as the attendees take a confrontational stand against Donald Trump during the trade spar which has isolated Washington.

Mr. Marcon is known to have supported Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, just a day before the summit. They mentioned that they are going to push back against Donald Trump’s policies of America First for maintaining the international order.

Mr. Macron states that the US President might not care at all but no one is going to last forever.  He is of the opinion that six countries belonging to G7 without the United States is a much bigger market when taken together than the American market. Moreover, he mentioned that there is not going to be world dominancy if people know how they have to organize themselves.

This year the G7 summit will consist of France, US, Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, and Canada. It is expected that it will be dominated by the Donald Trump’s approach towards international diplomacy that has diverted to a great extent from the past.  It appears less concerned with the international consensus than it actually is with the increasing US power such as the blunt instrument appeal to the supporter of the president back home and to try and make other countries work as per his wish.

The willingness of Mr. Trump to protect his own comfort by breaking the international norms and upsetting the allies has already made a negative impact.  The diplomats that are in charge of negotiating the joint statement from different countries at the end of the summit will have the general language of the thing which has been put together. It is not yet known where the countries will be able to find common ground to make joint statement this year.

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