Nicolas Maduro

Maduro: “Agreement with the opposition will be reached this year”


Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday that agreement with the opposition will be reached this year.

“I am more than confident that in 2019 we will reach a big agreement on understanding and peace, dialogue and democracy for Venezuela. I have absolute confidence, and I ask for the blessing of God for this,” Maduro said on public television.

In late June, Maduro said that the dialogue that began in Norway to stabilize the situation in the country will continue. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Tuesday that Caracas invites the Pope of Rome to take part in the dialogue.

“I want to confirm the government’s readiness for a dialogue in Norway in order to build a permanent dialogue and search for solutions. This is the goal, and I can say that this process is progressing well,” said Maduro

“We have all the doors open for political dialogue with all the leaders and opposition forces, and it also goes well. Next week there will be news regarding the process of contact, negotiations and preliminary agreements with various sectors of the opposition,” Maduro noted.


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