Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Maduro meets wiith representatives of US financial companies


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other officials of the Bolivarian Republic over the past few weeks have held a series of meetings in Caracas with representatives of several US financial companies.

One of the meetings took place at the end of October.  The parties discussed the possibility of partial repayment of debts of Venezuela for approximately $ 60 billion to creditors in the United States.  According to the agency, the latter include investment funds Pimco and T. Rowe Price, as well as Goldman Sachs bank.

The parties discussed a plan assuming that lenders will interact with a company that will receive the right to extract oil in Venezuela.  What kind of company in question, the agency does not specify.  It notes that in this case part of the proceeds from the sale of oil can be used to purchase food for residents of the republic.

US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams emphasized that the sanctions imposed by Washington prohibit such transactions between Caracas and US companies.  Concerning the latter, American restriction may be introduced if this plan is implemented, Abrams stated.

Some of the representatives of American companies that visited Caracas reported that they received permission from the US administration.  According to the agency, Washington may be preparing to change course with respect to the Venezuelan authorities.

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