Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela president of the Latin American country

Maduro: Russian military specialists arrived in Venezuela


Two Russian aircraft with military-technical personnel are located in Venezuela, the president of the Latin American country, Nicolas Maduro, said.

A few days ago, the Venezuelan leader returned from a trip to Moscow, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“President Putin reaffirmed all his political, diplomatic and military support for Venezuela and the world … The support came a few days ago … two planes landed with personnel from the military-technical support commission. They are in Venezuela. Those who flew in at the beginning of the year left and a new team arrived, “Maduro said during a speech broadcast on Twitter.

Previously, Putin said that work in the field of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Venezuela in the supply of spare parts and the creation of service centers are on schedule. According to him, the military-technical cooperation of the two countries is connected, first of all, with Russia’s obligations to service Russian-made equipment acquired by Venezuela.

Strong diplomatic relations have developed between Moscow and Caracas; in 1996, the parties signed the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. Russia stands for a peaceful settlement of differences in the Bolivarian Republic and is categorically against any external interference.

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