Mexican Leftist Lopez Obrador Victorious in Presidency-Exit Polls


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had emerged victorious in Mexico’s presidency after the results of exit polls were revealed. The win set up the stage for the most left-wind government in decades especially at a time when the situation is quite tense with the Trump administration.

The former mayor of Mexico City had pledged to remove corruption and subdue the drug cartels. The 64 year old also plans to reduce inequality as he takes up his office and he would be watched closely by the investors. The government led by Obrador could usher in enhanced scrutiny of the foreign investments and follow a less accommodating approach to the United States. The peso has increased by more than 1% after his rivals conceded soon after the end of voting.

Four exit polls revealed that Obrador was leading with more than 20 percent points over his competitors and he was winning between 46.8% and 59% of the vote. Ricardo Anaya, a former head of the center-right National Action Party and one of Obrador’s challengers claimed that people wanted a change. People flocked the vast main square of Mexico City where a stage had been set up. The nationalism, put-down of rivals and stubborn nature of Obrador has been compared to American President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump had congratulated Obrador on Twitter for his victory and had stated that he looked forward to working with him. He also mentioned that a lot needed to be done for the benefit of the two neighboring countries. The first high-level contact between the two leaders would take place via phone. Prior to the phone call, Trump had raised the prospects of taxing the cars which would be imported from Mexico if the tensions between the two nations continued.

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