Mexican President ALMO’s visit to the White House will exclusively focus on bilateral relations


US-Mexico relations are significant for the two countries as it shares many trading ports of entry. Mexico is the United States’ second-biggest trade and export market after Canada. Furthermore, The Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO’s) visit to the White House and meet Trump will exclusively focus on bilateral relations, The Hill reported.

The current visit is to mark the commencement of the new North American free-trade agreement known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau withdrew a White House to commemorate the deal in Washington D.C. as he is firmly concentrating on addressing the coronavirus crisis challenges in Canada.

AMLO believes that his visit to the U.S. will avert an undeniably stressed Mexican public from the various challenges distressing the nation, for example, corruption, the declining economy, and increasing Covid-19 pandemic. AMLO has reinstated that his primary focus is on Mexico and improve bilateral relations with the U.S. but strangely decided to pay his first visit amid the pandemic. AMLO has not made an abroad visit since 2018, and his recent visit shows his enthusiasm for foreign relations and has more than once expressed that he won’t meddle in the internal affairs of another nation.

Neither Trump nor AMLO worry much about strengthening public institutions in both the nations, but the equivalent can be supposed for the bilateral relationships. Since Trump started his verbose attack against Mexico and Mexicans in 2015, many critics defended both Mexico and the bilateral relationship. However, recently, many that never raised their voices regarding Mexico or NAFTA were suddenly lauding the friendly relationship between both the nations.

Whatever occurs in the discussion among President Trump and ALMO, the following U.S. administration must concentrate on fortifying the relationship and revamping institutions. According to the reports from the Wilson Center and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation; such an approach will help advance security, and prosperity of both the nations.

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