Mexico unveiled a migration agreement with the USA


Mexican authorities have published the full text of the treaty between Mexico and the United States regulating migration issues. Previously, journalists photographed a document that showed them from afar, US President Donald Trump, and quoted several phrases from it. The new agreement is in addition to the agreement signed on June 7 and contains a list of measures with which both parties agreed.

The document states that the United States and Mexico will “immediately” begin consultations on the development of final terms for a bilateral agreement, including on the allocation of responsibility for the consideration of migrants’ claims to refugee status. So, both states will process applications for asylum of third-country nationals who crossed “the territory of one country in order to arrive in a neighboring country”. Refugees from third countries who entered the United States from Mexico will be immediately sent back.

In accordance with the agreement concluded in early June, Mexico agreed to deploy 6,000 US National Guard soldiers to strengthen its southern border and more actively implement a policy of returning migrants to their homeland.


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