Migrants Help Rich Countries to Fight Diseases

A recent research has shown that the migrants help wealthy countries, such as the United States, to fight diseases.

In general, migrants are healthier than most citizens of the wealthy nations. Researchers have observed that as the migrant starts to settle in the new countries, most of them join the healthcare sector.

This study has proven that arguments, which state that migrants pose a health risk to the citizens of the wealthy country, are nothing but a farce. The study also opposes the general idea that the migrant influx is nothing but a burden to the health system of the country. These are two major points which drives the anti-migrant sentiments of the wealthy nations so strong.

The study which has been conducted over two years found that general life expectancy of the migrants is more than the inhabitants of the host country. They are also less prone to illnesses, such as, heart diseases and cancer. It has been proved that the migrants have a positive effect on the economy of the host country.

The research, however, has unveiled that migrants majorly suffer from diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis. According to the research, the infection is generally spread among the immigrant communities rather than the general population of the country.

The morality of the migrants varied from continent to continent. For example, the study has shown that the life expectancy of Latin American and Asian migrants are higher than the migrants of Eastern Europe and North Africa.

The data for the research has been collected from the studies of migrant health in richer nations. The researchers have said that in the middle income and lower income countries there is a dearth of data about the health of the migrants. As a result, the study does not reflect the health scenario of the migrants who have settled in those countries.