Mike Pompeo to Impose Harshest Sanctions Against Iran


Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State of the United States had threatened that Iran would be subjected to the harshest sanctions witnessed by the world. He had also stated that until and unless Iran abandons their nuclear program completely, halts the missile tests and brings backs their military troops from Syria, the country would be punished strictly.

The critics had called the demands unrealistic and had also warned that the relation of the United States with the other European allies would be negatively affected. The Trump supporters had stated that this was a huge approach in order to deal with Tehran. The decision taken by the United States to step out of the Iran nuclear deal had given up a lot of smoke. Iran had agreed to curb its nuclear weapon programs in exchange of economic sanctions.

Pompeo had almost declared a military threat against Iran and Pompeo had made the statements in order to force Iran to portray better behavior. He had stated that the sanctions would hurt Iran extensively if they did not change their line of action. Pompeo had also stated that the sanctions which would be imposed on Iran would be the toughest that the world had ever seen.  He added that the country would be forced to make a choice between maintaining its economy or spending money in fighting wars abroad. Pompeo had also stated that the sanctions would leave Iran in a severe economic crisis.

Pompeo had put forward a list of demands which contained 12 points. The list contained the complete access throughout Iran for the International Atomic Energy Agency. The US also demanded the release of the Americans who were imprisoned in Iran and an end to providing financial support to the terrorist groups.

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