Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt

Missouri sues China over Covid-19


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese authorities because of the coronavirus pandemic, which, in his opinion, led to deaths and serious economic consequences in Missouri.

The lawsuit was filed against the government of China, the Communist Party of the country, officials and departments of China, the prosecutor general said in a statement.

Eric Schmitt accused China of hiding information about the spread of COVID-19, denied that coronavirus was transmitted from person to person, persecuted doctors who spoke about the disease, allowed millions of people to come into contact with the virus, which led to a pandemic.

The state of Missouri is demanding that China be held accountable for its actions.  The amount of claims is not called.

US authorities have repeatedly accused China of hiding real information about COVID-19.  US President Donald Trump hinted that he considers China guilty of widespread coronavirus in the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, more than 825 thousand people detected the coronavirus, 45 thousand of them died, another 82 thousand recovered.  In China, the virus was detected in more than 83 thousand people, about 4600 people died, 77 thousand recovered.


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