Narendra Modi and Imran Khan Talk of Regional Peace


On 30th July, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Imran Khan in order to congratulate him for his party’s victory in the Pakistan general election. Since, Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came out victorious from the last week’s vote it was the first call among the two men. Amidst the claims of pre-election rigging and irregularities during the election, PTI bet other parties by many votes.

Relation between the two countries got worse over the last couple of years. Even direct talks between the nations stopped amid diplomatic rows and military firings across the LOC frontier that demarcated the disputed region of Kashmir.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister in waiting, is now paying attention to independent candidates and minor parties in order to form a coalition government in a country which fought three wars with India.

Modi during the call echoed his vision of peace and development in the entire neighborhood. Also, Khan during his victory speech stated that he wanted to solve the deep-rooted territorial dispute over Kashmir. He also mentioned that Pakistan would take two steps forward to make friends with India, if the latter takes one step forward to become friends with Pakistan.

Sources informed that during the call, Khan told Modi that issues between the two nations should be fixed through talks. PM Modi hinted that he hopes that democracy to take deep roots in Pakistan. Sources said that khan even discussed with Modi that both countries should focus on pulling people out of poverty.

Since Independence, India and Pakistan fought two wars over Kashmir. Majority Muslim Pakistan blamed India, especially New Delhi for applying heavy handed tactics in Kashmir; with Muslim minority suffering at the hands of Hindu extremists. On the other hand, India blames Pakistan for stirring revolt in Kashmir forcing the Modi government to refuse talks until Islamabad takes some action against the militant groups operating in the Indian soil.

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