Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu approves West Bank Annexation Bill

Netanyahu Approves Promotion of West Bank Annexation Bill


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed Tuesday the start of a bill approval process that would extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank.The head of the Israeli cabinet took such a step after the US position on the illegality of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories changed.

Netanyahu, a week before the September 17 parliamentary elections, said it would extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley and northern tip of the Dead Sea if it won.  The corresponding bill began to be prepared several weeks ago by a deputy from the Likud party’s prime minister, Sharren Haskell, but after changing the US position on settlements, it was decided to accelerate the promotion of the document, the newspaper said.  Haskell called on the Kahol-Lavan block of Beni Ganz and Avigdor Liberman’s Our Home Israel Party to support Likud’s efforts to promote the annexation of the Jordan Valley bill in light of the only chance Israel has “thanks to the actions of the current Washington administration,  sayings edition.

After the September 17 elections, Netanyahu was unable to form a government coalition within the 28-day time allotted to him, and this right passed to Ganz, whose 28 days for the creation of the cabinet expire on Wednesday night from Thursday (01:00 Moscow time on November 21).  If the leader of Kahol-Lavan fails to create a government, the 21-day period provided by law will begin, during which any of the 120 members of the Knesset (parliament) will be able to try to collect the signatures of 61 parliamentarians, so that he will be ordered by President Reuven Rivlin to form  coalition.  If a candidate appears, he will be given two weeks to try, if not, then second consecutive repeat elections in Israel will be scheduled 90 days after the expiration of a three-week period.  In this regard, Haskell asked the Knesset Commission, where its bill on the annexation of the Jordan Valley should be approved before it is submitted for approval by Parliament, on the application of the accelerated review procedure to the document, The Jerusalem Post points out.

As US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced on Monday, Washington no longer believes that Jewish settlements in the West Bank violate international law.  Israel welcomed this decision, and representatives of the Palestinian side said that the US administration is not authorized to cancel international resolutions relating to settlements.  In December 2016, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2334, demanding an end to Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.  The Israeli side then stated that it would not comply with the provisions of this document.

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